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Analysis of tachograph activity times

The digital tachograph is the device that records all the information about a trip. The data stored in the tachograph must be downloaded in order to be…

CTS Analiza Timpi Activitate - Servicii Monitorizare GPS - Analiză timpi activitate tahograf

The tachograph is also where drivers can track their driving and rest times. European legislation on working time is strict and fines for non-compliance are severe.

Under driver working time legislation there are clear limits on the number of hours a driver is allowed to drive per day and per week. The mandatory rest period is also specified there.

With the CargoTrack module for the analysis of activity times recorded on the tachograph, you can automate the process of managing activity times for each driver. With the digitization of this process, human error in calculating periods of activity and inactivity is also eliminated, creating a consistent and convenient way to analyze data.

CargoTrack’s time analysis solution also allows operators to simply and intuitively track non-compliance with driving rules for each driver, observe the underlying cause of these violations and prevent their repetition.

At the same time, through this monitoring solution, you can prevent fines and thus help you save money for your company.

The time analysis module in the tachograph is specially configured for European legislation.

Probleme des întâlnite

Vrei să gestionezi mai bine timpii de condus și odihnă ai fiecărui angajat?

Vrei să știi care vehicul este cel mai potrivit pentru noua ta comandă?

Beneficiile obținute

  • Raport al timpilor conduși sau rămași pentru fiecare zi și săptămână în curs
  • Raport timpi de repaus
  • Raport pentru depășirea timpilor recomandați pentru condus

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