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Automatic charging Vignette Hungary Online - HU-GO Road Tax Payment

Get rid of fines and leave the care of paying the road tax in Hungary to us! Through the HU-GO service offered by CargoTrack, you automatically pay the vignette Hungary only…

Automatic charging Vignette Hungary Online - HU-GO Road Tax Payment

Since July 1, 2013, the electronic road toll system based on the distance traveled has been introduced in Hungary and covers no more than 6,500 km of the Hungarian road network, consisting of the following categories of roads: highways, expressways and main roads.

How does auto charging for the vignette work in Hungary?

  1. As a first step, a contract is signed between your company and CargoTrack;
  2. After installing the equipment and verifying that it works correctly, the vehicle registration procedure in the HU-GO system begins;
  3. A virtual account is created in which we will register all the details of your vehicles;
  4. You are responsible for loading the created virtual account with an amount of money to cover the transit for all vehicles;
  5. Following the registration process, you will be informed by e-mail and SMS about the activation of the vehicle in the HU-GO system;
  6. After obtaining the confirmation, you can start the transit without any problems, the payment of road taxes in Hungary is done automatically;
  7. Also in your HU-GO account you can view the fees paid and the balance in real time;

To ensure the smooth running of your journeys, CargoTrack dispatchers constantly check the status of your account and will notify you by email and SMS when the balance falls below the amount set by you, so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.

Why choose CargoTrack for vignette Hungary toll payment?

The advantages you can get from purchasing HU-GO automatic toll payment services from CargoTrack are:

  • Route registration and automatic toll payment – vehicle data once entered remains saved and automatically sent to the Hungarian authorities, thus avoiding certain data errors that can bring expensive penalties for non-payment of the vignette Hungary.
  • Permanent monitoring of equipment and correct payment for Hungary Vignette – CargoTrack constantly checks monitoring equipment to transmit correct information in real time.
  • Automatic SMS & e-mail notifications for vignette Hungary payment account top-up – by carefully monitoring vehicles and preventing fines that can reach hundreds of euros.
  • The flexibility of changing your route – as long as you use the CargoTrack equipment to pay tolls in Hungary, you can choose and change any route without the stress of a potential fine.

Vignette payment process Hungary HU-GO

To complete the vignette Hungary payment process, the following steps will be taken:

  1. A unique id is generated for each GPS device for which HU-GO is desired;
  2. An account is created on the HU-GO platform for Vigneta Hungary payment;
  3. You will load your own virtual account with the money needed to pay the fees;
  4. Add vehicles with complete information (number of axles, pollution rate, etc.)


HU-GO transfers the responsibility of the correctness of the payment to the customer so you have both the HU-GO interface and the CargoTrack app available to observe any problems in charging.

Therefore, it is very important to check if:

  • The data entered in the HU-GO system are correct and up-to-date;
  • The HU-GO alert function is activated and the contact data is correct;
  • In the HU-GO account you have the necessary amount available in the HU-GO account for the payment of tolls of the planned routes;
  • The GPS equipment is working properly;
  • Drivers do not use GPS jamming systems;

Calculation of the fee for vignette Hungary Online payment

Hungary’s road tax payment system applies to vehicles whose maximum permissible gross weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes and is calculated according to the following:

  • Vehicle category;
    Road category;
    Pollution category;

Penalties for non-payment Vignette Hungary

Within the HU-GO electronic road tax system, National Toll Payment Services has an activity to support checks through the fixed check portals of the toll road network, and with the help of mobile data collection vehicles. The verification of the payment of taxes is done permanently, the system notifying instantly if the vehicle in question has the right to use the roads

The range of fines is between HUF 24,000 and HUF 165,000 (€70 – €470), the following table contains the penalty amounts, determined according to the vehicle category, the type of offense and the time periods:

The cases in which you can easily receive fines for non-payment of vignette Hungary are:

  • Failure to pay the road tax before starting to use the roads;
  • A declaration has been made for a vehicle tax or environmental category lower than the actual one;
  • The on-board device appears, when using the roads, in the record of invalidated devices;

Transit Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria with one toll only through CargoTrack services

Probleme des întâlnite

Plata taxelor de drum pe Ungaria ți se pare un proces lung și complicat?

Beneficiile obținute

  • Plătești doar pentru distanțele parcurse
  • Operatori CargoTrack verifica în permanență starea contului tău
  • Înregistrarea rutei și plata automată a taxelor de drum
  • Flexibilitatea schimbării rutei fără a depinde de taxele de dum
  • Notificări automate prin SMS & e-mail pentru alimentare cont
  • Înregistrarea rutei și plata automată a taxelor de drum
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