Automatic charging Vignette Bulgaria Online - BGTOLL Vignettes

With the Automatic Vignette Bylgaria solution offered by CargoTrack, paying the road tax in Bulgaria becomes easier! Avoid fines by automatically paying the Bulgarian sticker from your account just…

Automatic charging Vignette Bulgaria Online - BGTOLL Vignettes

Vignette Bulgaria Online Via CargoTrack

From March 1, 2020, a new electronic distance tolling system – Toll Sistem – came into operation in Bulgaria. It is introduced on a total of 3,115 km of the Bulgarian road network including the 803 km of motorway (see the list of toll roads on the official website of the National Toll Administration – The system is similar to the one introduced in Hungary, i.e. you have the possibility to make an advance payment for Vignette Bulgaria by means of a transit ticket or an electronic payment device.

How does it work?

  1. As a first step, a contract is signed between you, CargoTrack and the Bulgarian authorities;
  2. A virtual account is created where we will record all the details of your vehicles;
  3. It is your responsibility to load the created virtual account with an amount of money to cover transit for all vehicles based on the VAT-free invoice issued by CargoTrack;
  4. Following this process, CargoTrack will first confirm by e-mail and SMS the activation of the Vignette Bulgaria BGToll service;
  5. After which you can start the transit without any problems, paying the tolls automatically;
  6. Also in your account you can view your paid fees and balance in real time;

Why choose CargoTrack for automatic payment of road taxes in Bulgaria?

The benefits you can get from purchasing BGTOLL automatic toll payment services from CargoTrack are:

  • The possibility of fine prevention – CargoTrack constantly checks monitoring equipment to transmit correct information in real time.

  • Saving hundreds of euros annually – by closely monitoring vehicles and preventing fines that can reach hundreds of euros.

  • Avoiding possible delays by automatic tolling – once the GPS equipment is installed, it registers and pays tolls automatically for you.

  • Receive real-time information about vehicles – after setting up the service, you have real-time access to your paid taxes and account balance.

  • Safety – vehicle data, once entered, remains saved and is automatically sent to the RIA (Road Infrastructure Agency BG) and thus can avoid certain data errors that can bring expensive penalties.

  • The route becomes much faster and safer for drivers;

  • The cheapest and fastest toll payment solution;

Payment options BGTOLL Bulgaria stickers

  • Through a transit ticket

The transit ticket, once paid, is valid for 24 hours and gives the right to travel on the selected road sections.

When issuing the ticket, the following must be mentioned: the departure point, the destination point and a maximum of 4 intermediate points, the vehicle registration number, the country of registration, the vehicle category, the emission class, the number of axles and the dimensions of the vehicle.

Tickets can be purchased as follows:

  • With any bank card, at any self-payment terminal (not cash), the terminals being located in the immediate vicinity of the border crossing points;
  • At the offices of the Regional Road Administrations (A.I.R) – payment by card or cash;
    Online by accessing the website or the mobile application.

It is very important to note that the ticket can be purchased up to 7 days in advance by registered users and 24 hours in advance by non-registered users. Registration is done online and is a very simple process that only requires validating your email address.

  • Through a GNSS device

Payment for the Vignette Bulgaria can be made through a device mounted on the vehicle as follows:

  • The installed device will generate the necessary data for the correct calculation of the road tax;
  • The data is sent and then processed by the FNSCTR (National Providers of Services for the Collection of Road Taxes), or by the providers of the EETS (European Electronic Toll Service) and are transmitted to the Bulgarian authorities;
  • Finally, the service providers then guarantee the payment of the tax owed by the road user.

If you opt for this option, it is mandatory to choose a supplier that can offer you this solution. Fortunately, CargoTrack can provide and install this special equipment for you so you can forget about paying tolls!

Vignette Bulgaria Rates

The following toll rates (Bulgarian leva BGN/km) have been agreed for the use of toll roads:

In cases where it is not possible to determine the actual distance traveled by the vehicle, for reasons other than the technical failure of the electronic toll collection system, the fare shall be paid at the following maximum rate:

Vignette Bulgaria Penalties

In case of non-compliance with the payment obligations of the Bulgarian road networks, the possible penalties you can receive are between BGN 1800 and BGN 3000 (€920 – €1534). The control regarding the payment of the road tax is carried out by almost 300 stationary cameras and 105 vehicles, which in day/night mode check the vehicles in the system by reading the registration number.

Cases in which you can easily receive sanctions are:

  1. Driving the vehicle on a toll road for which the obligations for determining the distance traveled have not been fulfilled or the payment related to the traveled section has not been made;
  2. Partial payment of road tax as a result of an incorrect declaration of data;
  3. Illegibility or covering of the registration number;
  4. Insufficient balance for the payment of tolls;

We must emphasize that in the case of driving without paying the road tax, the vehicle will be temporarily immobilized for a maximum of one month, during which the owner is obliged to pay the road tax and the related fine.

Vignette Bulgaria General information

The system is similar to the one introduced in Hungary, i.e. you have the option to make an advance payment via a transit ticket or an electronic payment device.

The new road tax payment system in Bulgaria applies to vehicles whose maximum permissible gross weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes and varies according to the characteristics of the vehicles:

  • Vehicle category;
  • Number of axes;
  • Rainfall rate;
  • Traveled distance;

The road tax can also vary depending on the category of roads as follows:

Choose CargoTrack services and benefit from a complete handbook of best practices for road tax payment in Bulgaria free of charge.

The purpose of this manual is to help you quickly and simply understand complex processes such as:

  • Required documentation;

  • Vehicle registration and activation mode;

  • Methods of loading the account;

  • The mode of operation of the platform;

    In addition, at the end of the manual you have answered the most frequent questions you may face!

Probleme des întâlnite

Deții o autovehicule de peste 3,5 tone din categoriile autocamioanelor și autobuzelor?

Cauți o soluție rapidă și economică de a plăti taxele în Bulgaria?

Beneficiile obținute

  • Posibilitatea de prevenire a amenzilor;
  • Plată automatizată a taxei de drum;
  • Plata doar pentru distanțele parcurse;
  • Siguranța că plata taxei de drum a fost făcută eficient și sigur;
  • Operatorii CargoTrack verifică în permanență starea contului tău;
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