CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

FM-Eco4 ES Car GPS transmitter

FM-Eco4 ES Car GPS transmitter

About the FM-Eco4 ES Car GPS transmitter device

FM-Eco4+ S is a standard GPS vehicle tracking device. The GPS tracker is IP67 certified and can work successfully in harsh conditions and withstand various external shocks + moisture.

FM-Eco4 light S is a compact GPS device designed for vehicle tracking.

The CargoTrack FM-Eco4 ES Car GPS transmitter device has an internal GPS and GSM antenna and therefore easily fits anywhere in the vehicle and this makes installation much easier. Moreover, it has 2x configurable (reversible) DINs that help simplify device installation.

This Car GPS Transmitter is also available with a built-in battery, which helps when the vehicle does not have a power source.

Main features FM-Eco4 ES Car GPS transmitter

  • Transmits data on the position of the car in real time (every 3 seconds);
  • Driver behavior monitoring (EcoDrive mode);
  • Driver identification;
  • Temperature monitoring;
  • Remote contact blocking;
  • Establishment of geozones (points of interest);
  • SMS orders and configuration;
  • Supports additional sensors (temperature sensors, immobilizer relay, trailer door sensor).
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