CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

Package: Basic GPS monitoring

CargoTrack Basic Package


  • Real-time monitoring;
  • 24/7 visibility over the entire fleet;
  • Permanent access from mobile or web app;
  • Increase productivity by up to 35%;

Short description CargoTrack Basic Package

The basic software and hardware solution offered by CargoTrack allows real-time monitoring and analysis of all important parameters of the vehicle, with the aim of increasing productivity.

Long description CargoTrack Basic Package

Regardless of the size of your vehicle fleet, or the field of activity, the first important step to optimizing your vehicle fleet activity is to gain an overview.

This will generate cost reduction and implicitly increase profitability. Regardless of the size of the fleet or the type of vehicles included in it, you can monitor your vehicles in real time, through the web platform or mobile application.

CargoTrack Basic Package is a recommended solution for both vehicles and trailers, semi-trailers, containers or refrigerated trailers.

The CargoTrack Basic solution is specifically designed to address basic GPS tracking needs.

What does basic monitoring bring you as a benefit?

The information gathered about the fleet facilitates making a set of informed decisions, based on specific reports created by recording and analyzing the parameters collected by the CargoTrack devices. In this way the operating costs of a fleet can be better managed.

The CargoTrack Basic solutions includes:

  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles via web application and mobile application;
  • Compatible with all monitoring equipment from the Basic range (vehicle monitoring, trailer monitoring, container monitoring)
    Maps used: Google Maps, Google Traffic, Google Street View, Open Street Maps;
  • Driver management;
  • Activity reports by driver;
  • Creating routes with several intermediate points;
  • It provides information according to the type of vehicle: truck, car.
    Creating events (eg entering/exiting geozones, document expiration, exceeding a certain speed)
  • Administration of vehicle maintenance works;
    Remote vehicle immobilization*;
  • Activation of the acoustic driver warning alarm*;
  • Sharing the location of vehicles for predefined periods;
  • Generation of activity reports for predefined periods: Roadmap report, Operating hours report;
  • Data history is kept for 12 months.

* – Requires additional equipment

Vehicle GPS monitoring – motor vehicles

Lack of an overview of how effectively a fleet is operating can be a hindrance to your business.

GPS monitoring of trailers – semi-trailers – containers

With the help of CargoTrack devices, you can monitor the cargo even when the trailer or semi-trailer is uncoupled from the tractor head.

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