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Custom CargoTrack MobileApp - Car GPS Program

CargoTrack MobileApp Personalized - Car GPS program
Custom CargoTrack MobileApp - Car GPS Program

CargoTrack MobileApp Personalized Car GPS Program – is the mobile application that allows real-time monitoring of the vehicles in your fleet.

Custom CargoTrack MobileApp – Car GPS Program

Manage your fleet from anywhere and anytime with the CargoTrack app that offers you the mobile version for both Android and iOS phones.

Do you need a customized solution for your company?

At CargoTrack we offer you the possibility to customize your GPS Monitoring application according to the needs and challenges you have at the level of your fleet.

Since our inception we have provided innovative, comprehensive and customized solutions using software built to the unique specifications of each CargoTrack partner.

Our mobile GPS tracking app gives carriers the ability to track the real-time position and activity of vehicles in their fleet.

This intelligent and customizable solution helps carriers to optimize their fleet, better manage their vehicles and where possible reduce operational expenses.

Mobile app features that can be customized

With this Car GPS Program, carriers can view information such as:

  1. Real Time Location: shows information related to the last transmitted position of the vehicles: location, speed, GPS mileage, address, battery voltage.
  2. Route: provides information related to the history of the route traversed by the vehicle in the requested interval: streets, towns, countries transited, kilometers traveled, speed at a certain moment, etc.
  3. Speed: allows the display of the vehicle speed graph in a chosen time interval;
  4. History: allows viewing the route traveled by the vehicle on a detailed map at street level as well as retroactive satellite maps for up to 12 months;
  5. Route deviation: highlights stops outside the predetermined route, with the display of the stationary time and distance for each vehicle;
  6. Points of Interest Report (POI): displays the points of interest created by the user, through which the vehicle has passed with details regarding the activity times and notification when entering/exiting the area of the point of interest;
  7. Top Speed: displays information about the maximum speed, minimum speed and average speed with which the vehicle traveled in a certain period of time;
  8. Location Sharing: allows sharing the location of one or more vehicles in the fleet for a period set by the user to one or more recipients;
  9. API integration: allows integration with various third-party applications in order to transmit vehicle positions over a certain period;
  10. Low Supply Voltage Alert: notifications by email and/or SMS when the supply voltage from the battery drops below a certain value set by the user;
  11. Notifications: it allows the management of different types of documents specific to a vehicle (ITP, RCA, CASCO, ITADR, leasing, scraps, inspections, professional certificates, medical examinations, etc.) and the generation of notifications when they expire; it also allows the generation of notifications for overhauls or other vehicle maintenance operations;

Auto GPS program with customizable reports

Is one of your goals to monitor the performance of your vehicles or drivers?

Are you looking to reduce fleet costs?

Are you planning to improve your fleet decisions and strategies?

Below we present some of the reports that can be customized according to your needs:

  1. Roadmap: daily vehicle activity report that can be generated for any period desired by the user and shows detailed information on the vehicle’s activity: route sections, activity/route start date and time, activity/route end date and time, activity start and end location, distance traveled, operating time, etc.
  2. Day/night hours: allows the separate highlighting of day and night hours in reports with the possibility of setting the start times of the day and night program;
  3. Activity report by country: it allows the highlighting of the activity times and the distance traveled according to the countries through which the vehicle passed; the report provides essential information for the generation of IMI transport documents and reports;
  4. Automatic generation of reports: in order to have greater flexibility, the application offers you the possibility of automatic generation of reports and sending them by email at certain time intervals specified by the user; you can create your own reports with only the information of interest to the user;
  5. Personalized reports – generating reports on kilometers traveled for personal, business purposes, details on parking, driving times, fuel consumption while parked, etc.
  6. Fuel level reports – displays graph of fuel level in the tank, over a time interval, refueling / improper consumption for a selected time interval.

The customized mobile application also offers the possibility to customize reports and information according to the needs and objectives of each department within the company.

For example, dispatchers can receive daily reports detailing vehicle activity or routes, while the accounting/HR department can receive weekly reports detailing each driver’s driving hours.

With this CargoTrack customized car GPS program, we guarantee you control over the vehicles in your fleet, improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and indirectly a significant competitive advantage in the market.

CargoTrack GPS Tracking MobileAPP is a customizable and efficient solution for carriers who want to track and manage their vehicle fleet in a smart and efficient way.

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