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CargoTrack Standard - Fuel monitoring solution

Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses of a fleet, automatically check the fuel level and actual consumption.

CargoTrack Standard fuel monitoring solution

Try CargoTrack’s fuel monitoring solution and find out where your fuel leaks are.

CargoTrack’s fuel monitoring solution is designed to optimize fuel costs.

Through the CargoTrack monitoring platform it becomes possible to view the fuel level in the tank and the actual consumption.

The system generates detailed reports that allow monitoring of fuel efficiency.

Through the reports you will be able to identify drivers who waste fuel through their driving style and vehicles which are inefficient.

These reports can be a good starting point for optimizing the costs associated with managing a car fleet. Variations can be associated with a number of factors such as driving style, route deviations or in some cases even fuel theft.

In case of fuel theft from the tank, the CargoTrack platform will inform you in real time by e-mail or SMS.

Fuel information can be obtained in two ways:

  • Either by connecting to the vehicle’s on-board computer (CAN interface)
  • Either by installing additional fuel sensors

Choose the fuel monitoring solution from CargoTrack and you can find out where the fuel losses are.

Common problems

Do you think that too much money is spent on fuel?

Do you find that the same amount of fuel covers shorter and shorter routes?

Are you getting more and more food vouchers?

The benefits obtained

  • Evaluation of vehicle efficiency
  • Viewing the fuel level in the tank
  • Feed history
  • Sudden drops in fuel level
  • Automatic notifications in case of fuel supplies or leaks directly in the application or by SMS
  • Charts and reports per tank
  • Time, location, and amount of fueling or fueling activities
  • Highlighting routes that generate low fuel consumption
  • Evaluation of drivers according to fuel consumption
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