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Driver identification

To be able to evaluate the performance level of your drivers, to detect fuel losses or even theft, install the CargoTrack driver identification system…

Driver identification

This solution is suitable for situations where a vehicle is used by several people, allowing the fleet manager to see at all times who is using the vehicle and when, and how fuel consumption is affected by each individual driver’s driving style .

Later, this data can be analyzed to determine the efficiency of the drivers, but also to be able to detect the loss or theft of fuel and the degree of wear and tear of the vehicle.

The driver identification system allows the car’s engine to be blocked and the driver to be warned by a light or sound signal that he has not authenticated correctly or that he is not entitled to use that vehicle.

Choose a driver identification system from CargoTrack for more efficient monitoring of drivers using your company’s vehicles.

Probleme des întâlnite

Ai mai mulți șoferi care utilizează același vehicul?

Beneficiile obținute

  • Posibilitatea de a corela anumite acțiuni cu șoferul responsabil
  • Evaluarea nivelului de performanță al fiecărui șofer
  • Prevenirea irosirii sau a sustragerii de combustibil
  • Reducerea consumului excesiv de combustibil și a costurilor de mentenanță a vehiculelor
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