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eTMS App - Transport management platform

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eTMS App – Transport management platform

Do you want to optimize the process of creating an order as much as possible?

Want to be more organized and make more money?

Do you want a better collaboration with your partners?

Well, we have an answer for your problems and that is the management and transport solution – eTMS from CargoTrack!

Why choose CargoTrack’s eTMS App Transport Management solution?

When the business of your transport company is growing, the need for better organization arises. More often than not, this comes in the form of digitizing the processes that enable this. So forget Excel spreadsheets and try our new transport management solution, eTMS.

Through it you can save your employees’ time, and implicitly yours, because loading, unloading, routes, load details, finding available vehicles or available drivers no longer have to be done manually.

The eTMS transport management solution enables the management of all this information in one place, while also being connected to the real-time GPS monitoring platform CargoTrack.

By using the eTMS Transport Management solution, the percentage of time that dispatchers can allocate to searching for the most profitable routes increases by 90%, thus their work becomes much easier and the yield increases.

Also, because we think about your needs through the eTMS solution and the rest of the processes can be automated, namely: choosing the vehicle for the race, informing the driver about the route and load, supervising him not to deviate from the route, informing the customer regarding the unloading of the goods or even the issuing of the transport invoice.

eTMS - Platforma de management al transportului
eTMS App - Platforma management transport

Modules available

To help you even more within the eTMS solution we have developed several modules to cover all your needs:

eTMS Application – Carrier

With the eTMS application for carriers, both the process of creating an order and the entire transportation process are optimized. The resulting benefits are time saving for dispatchers who have more time to search for profitable rides, the rest of the processes being automated.

The great advantage of this module is that you can create an order in just 5 simple steps, namely:

  1. You enter the loading and unloading address, with the option to go on toll or toll-free roads.
  2. You automatically get quotes for the ride, based on the information entered in point 1. When the ride is created in eTMS, all information about the route is automatically stored in the application.
  3. Once the transport order is accepted, the information about the partner from which you took the ride, the company from which you are loading, the place of unloading and the details of the load must be added.
  4. Information about the trip is automatically transmitted to the driver at the push of a button. They will be available to him either through the CargoTrack mobile application, or through an SMS (if he cannot use the application).
  5. Once the race is completed and the related documentation obtained, the invoice must be issued. This is generated automatically with a single button press.

In addition, we offer you another benefit attached to this module, namely the fact that not only the order creation process is automated, but also the entire transport process. Route deviation is no longer a problem for your dispatchers to deal with. Every time your driver deviates from the predetermined route, he will receive an automatic SMS alert.

Also here, the dispatcher can activate an alert to be automatically notified when the driver deviates from the route or arrives at the load. The customer can also receive, at a certain time interval, the position and status of the vehicle by e-mail or SMS precisely to increase confidence in your services.

Aplicația eTMS – Casă de Expediții - The eTMS application - Shipping House
eTMS App - Transport management platform
The eTMS application – Shipping House

This module is built additionally to support the first “eTMS – Transporter” module and is designed to help you collaborate with your partners, its main objective being to give your company credibility in front of them.

By opting for this module as well, you have the chance to increase the transparency of your activity, thus increasing the trust of your partners in your services. If you’re wondering how this is done, well, through an in-app access account provided to each carrier partner. Here the routes based on which the quotations were made and the routes followed by the drivers will be visible to him.

So, using this module there will be no more discussions about the difference between the invoiced and actual kilometers. Any deviations from the original route that was communicated in the transport order as well as in the SMS, will be justified by visibility on the digital map.

At the same time, a plus that this module gives is the fact that the confirmed order can also be sent to the transport company.

eTMS - Platforma de management al transportului
eTMS App - Transport management platform

The benefits of using the eTMS App Transport Management solution

  • Optimizing routes and reducing costs;
  • Allows the creation of complex and preferential routes (with or without toll);
  • Enabling the use of eTMS together with GPS equipment;
  • Individual and customizable modules according to your needs;
  • Instructions for use and user manual;
  • Automatic receipt of notifications to prevent problems;
  • The possibility of automatic generation of electronic documents;
  • Possibility of free testing of the solution without contractual obligations;
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