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eTMS Management Transport

When the activity of a transport company is growing, the need for better organization arises. More often than not, this comes in the form of digitizing the processes that enable this. Forget Excel spreadsheets and try the new transport management solution, eTMS.

You can save your employees time. Now uploads, downloads, routes, cargo details, finding available vehicles or available drivers no longer need to be done manually. eTMS allows all this information to be managed in one place, while also being connected to the real-time GPS monitoring platform. Thus, the work of transport dispatchers can be much easier and their efficiency increased.

The percentage of time dispatchers can spend searching for the most profitable rides increases by 90%.

The rest of the process of choosing the vehicle for the ride, informing the driver about the route and load, supervising the driver not to deviate from the route, informing the customer about unloading the cargo or even issuing the transport invoice, can be done automatically.

eTMS Management Transport
eTMS Management Transport

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