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External VAT refund

Among the financial and consulting services offered by CargoTrack is the External VAT refund service. Its purpose is to help you…

External VAT refund

Statistics at the level of the European Union show that over 70% of Romanian companies do not claim the amounts related to VAT spent abroad, the main reasons being the complexity of the procedure or the lack of expertise in international tax legislation.

Good to know!

With a simple calculation, if you fill up in Hungary, which has a VAT rate of 27%, 800 liters of diesel (worth 3,900 lei) you can recover approximately 829 RON.

If we go even further and imagine that in one month you filled 3,000 liters of diesel fuel in Hungary alone (its value being 14,700 RON), find out that you can recover neither more nor less than 3,000 RON.

About the VAT refund

The VAT refund process abroad is complicated, time-consuming and requires an in-depth understanding of each country’s specific procedures. Given these complex factors and the fact that it is a process that often has deadlines, it is essential to prepare the VAT refund correctly.

Also, VAT recovery in Europe is a complicated process also due to the fact that it requires communication in the official language of each state with their tax authorities.

Why choose CargoTrack for external VAT refund?

Our advantages over the competition are the fact that we provide you with a fast and complete transparent service for the recovery of VAT from all European countries, CargoTrack taking care of all the formalities required by the European tax authorities, in the official language of the respective country.

The recovery process

CargoTrack offers the most convenient VAT refund process, a system that saves significant amounts on fuel purchases and other transport costs.

Therefore, we address any taxable person who has incurred expenses with:

  • fuel and additives;

  • accommodation;

  • restaurant;

  • road and parking fees;
    car repairs and


The process is simplified to the maximum, so the VAT recovery department collects the VAT receipts or invoices from you together with the rest of the necessary documentation. From here on, you just need to relax, we will take care of all the complex details such as:

  • Preparation of VAT refund files separately for each country;
  • Transmission of files to the competent authorities;
  • Communication with tax authorities;
  • Solving any problems that may arise along the way;

Also, once the files are approved and the funds are available, we will contact you as quickly as possible!

At the same time, it should be noted that the submission of supporting documents can be done quarterly or annually and all vouchers are eligible (legislation differs from country to country).

Where do we recover the VAT?

CargoTrack ensures the return of external VAT from 27 countries:

Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia , Estonia and Romania.

Probleme des întâlnite

Efectuezi transport internațional de mărfuri cu mașini cu o greutate egală cu 3.5 tone sau mai mult?
Achizitionezi bunuri din țările membre UE?

Beneficiile obținute

  • Poți recupera sume considerabile, media TVA-ului la nivel european este de 21%
  • Reduci cheltuielile prin recuperarea TVA-ului
  • Întocmim toată documentația necesară pentru recuperarea TVA-ului
  • Recuperarea TVA-ului este mai ușoară folosind echipamentele CargoTrack pentru că ești scutit de trimiterea facturilor
  • Recuperam TVA-ul chiar și de pe bonurile cu valoare mică
  • Asigurăm transparența cu privire la întregul procesul de recuperare de TVA
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