CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

Fuel control using the CAN interface

GPS monitoring systems together with the CargoTrack platform allow you to monitor the data from the car’s on-board computer in real time.

Fuel control using the CAN interface

Advanced equipment is connected to the vehicle’s CAN interface via various standardized connectors (FMS, OBDII, etc.) so there is no risk of losing the vehicle’s warranty.

The information thus obtained is processed by the equipment and transmitted to the Cargo Track servers.

The most common information obtained from the vehicle’s on-board computer is information regarding fuel level, fuel consumption, mileage, rpm, etc.

However, depending on the complexity of the vehicle and the equipment level, up to dozens of very important parameters can be obtained.

Regarding the fuel control, the on-board computer provides the exact amount of fuel that has been injected into the engine and regarding the fuel level the sensor deviation is between 1.5 – 3%.

The equipment can connect to the on-board computer of more than 200 models of cars and vans without affecting the vehicle’s warranty.

GPS monitoring systems together with the CargoTrack platform help you for fuel control

Common problems

Do you want to know at any time if the operating parameters of your vehicles are optimal?

Are you interested in controlling and viewing important fuel consumption data in a second?

The benefits obtained

  • You are continuously informed about all key vehicle operating parameters
  • You can get concrete data about consumption and fuel level
  • Fitting the equipment does not void the vehicle warranty
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