CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

GPS Monitoring Agriculture Equipment

Monitoring system for agricultural machinery

Managing a fleet of agricultural vehicles and machinery can be a difficult task. There are many variables that can decrease the efficiency of such a fleet: the use of machines for personal interest, fuel theft, premature wear, excessive fuel consumption.

Cargo Track comes with a series of GPS Monitoring Agriculture solutions that support increasing the profitability and efficiency of a fleet of vehicles and machinery in the agricultural industry.

By creating points of interest and Geozones in the Cargo Track platform, it is possible to establish on the map the perimeter of the working parcels or areas of interest.

The ability to set alerts for violations of these perimeters helps increase profitability by eliminating the likelihood of equipment being used for personal gain.

Fuel level and consumption can be monitored and analyzed, generating specific reports, according to the specific needs of each fleet.

Vehicle maintenance can also be scheduled, as can car insurance.

How can CargoTrack help you?

– Real-time provision of data regarding the location, speed of travel, operating hours for a specific machine;

– Working hours report for each worker;

– Literometric probes, CAN or fuel report for monitoring or stopping fuel thefts + offering consumption in real time;

– Vehicle maintenance mode;

– Geozones for agricultural machinery;

– Location and monitoring – displaying on the map in real time the current location and the routes taken;

– Details of events – the possibility of receiving notifications for different events set by you;

– Close/open sensor;

– Cold sensor;

– Immobilizer;

– Map of Apia.

BENEFITS of GPS Monitoring Agriculture Equipment:

  • 100% warranty for GPS equipment;
  • FREE installation anywhere in Romania or Europe;
  • 24/24 support team;
  • Dedicated Account Manager for your account;
  • You have more than 20 reports customized according to your needs.


Choose a GPS tracking system for agricultural machinery from Cargo Track.

Common problems

Fuel theft

Damage to agricultural machinery

The percentage of each plot completed is not known

Difficulty in managing the large number of machines and equipment

Difficulty in optimally monitoring the progress of works

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