CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

GPS Monitoring Cargo Transport and Logistics

Monitoring system for the transport of goods & Logistics

Managing a car fleet in the context of transport and logistics involves a special set of skills. GPS Monitoring Cargo Transport and Logistics offers two great advantages to a fleet manager.

First, it allows him to see malfunctions in real time, which means corrective action can be taken on the spot. Second, it provides the fleet manager with an overview, presented in the form of reports and their synthesis, and that makes it easier to correct how the fleet is operating as a whole.

With CargoTrack you have solutions for real-time monitoring of your fleet that give you detailed information about the route, kilometers traveled, stationary and driving time, fuel consumption, driver behavior, their identification and how their driving style affects you operating costs.

Real-time monitoring is not only intended for moving vehicles, with CargoTrack GPS monitoring cargo transport solutions you can monitor trailers or semi-trailers even when they are independent of the tractor head.

Paying road taxes, in the case of international transport, is a related service offered by CargoTrack that can save you from stinging fines of hundreds of euros.

The HR support module helps you with employee management. Much of the time spent on administrative tasks is reduced in volume, so there is more time for optimization and innovation.

Choose a telematics system for GPS Monitoring Cargo Transport and Logistics from Cargo Track.

Common problems

Do you want to know how you can optimize the level of efficiency of your fleet?

Do you want to reduce your operating costs?

Do you need to know the main parameters of your fleet at all times?

Do you want to be more credible in front of your collaborators?

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