CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

GPS Monitoring Forestry Equipment

Monitoring system for forestry machines

GPS Monitoring Forestry Equipment – Logging operations usually take place in isolated locations with difficult access. For this, it is important to track the vehicles and drivers tasked with performing these types of activities.

To increase a machine’s productivity and reduce operational costs, CargoTrack has a range of solutions for GPS monitoring forestry equipment that can track activity times to determine the machine’s status: stopped, moving, operational, idle or even fueling.

CargoTrack GPS monitoring forestry equipment and control systems can continuously provide information on the position of the machine, its health, mechanical parameters and fuel level and consumption.

The CargoTrack option helps you to make sure that the machines operate in the designated areas, by creating GeoZones or Points of Interest and setting from the platform the parameters according to which you want to receive notifications.

In addition, based on the driver identification module, two great benefits can be obtained: visibility on it, and monitoring of work style to eliminate behaviors that lead to a decrease in productivity.

The panic button installed in the cab can be helpful in extreme situations, especially when drivers work in areas without mobile phone network coverage.

Choose a GPS monitoring forestry equipment from CargoTrack.

Common problems

Do you have problems controlling the activity of your machines when they are in hard-to-reach places?

Do you want to be in constant contact with your machines?

Do you aim to reduce the costs of operating the machines?

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