CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

GPS Monitoring Heavy Equipment

Monitoring system for heavy machinery

GPS Monitoring Heavy Equipment – The construction industry operates according to specific sets of rules, which means that operations on construction sites are often complex.

The behavior of staff and the way vehicles and machinery are used can make the difference between an efficient fleet and its opposite.

CargoTrack has dedicated GPS tracking solutions to help you reduce operational costs and ensure safety regulations are met.

Now you can monitor the time spent on the site or on the route, the amount of time spent with the engine running and fuel consumption monitoring.

With the driver identification module, the risk of an unauthorized person using the vehicles or machinery in the fleet disappears, and their behavior can be monitored.

How can CargoTrack help you?

– Reduction of fuel costs – accurate record of fuel consumption in the tank or stopping theft. (through the literometric probe or CAN);

– Track record and report;

– Temperature monitoring;

– Working time report;

– Immobilizer relay – in case of unauthorized/unauthorized use or equipment theft;

– Closed/open sensor;

– Delimit work perimeters and monitor the activity of construction machinery;

– Permanent monitoring of machinery on the construction site;

– Security – alerts for entrances/exits from the perimeter (interface/email/sms);

– Fleet and driver document expiration alerts such as inspections, certificates, authorizations, etc.;

– Quick recovery of stolen machinery and equipment;

– Setting maintenance times;

– Real-time monitoring of the equipment fleet and facilitates the correct management of resources to complete any project.

GPS Monitoring Heavy Equipment BENEFITS:

  • 100% warranty for GPS equipment;
  • FREE installation anywhere in Romania or Europe;
  • 24/24 support team;
  • Dedicated Account Manager for your account;
  • You have more than 20 reports customized according to your needs.

Choose a GPS Monitoring Heavy Equipment from CargoTrack.

Common problems

Difficulty tracking operating costs and monitoring machinery

Very fast wear of machinery (they are used in incorrect ways)

Effective project management issues

Fuel theft

Non-observance of the predefined petrimetre in the use of machinery (Geozona)

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