CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

GPS Monitoring Rail Transport

Telematics system for rail freight services

GPS Monitoring Rail Transport – It is important to be able to have access to essential information about the location of the transported goods at all times.

With CargoTrack devices you can monitor wagons or containers during the entire transfer period, the systems having the advantage of operating independently without a direct power source.

In addition to the safety of transported goods, the solutions offered by CargoTrack will also generate a history of the activity.

Special GPS equipment used in monitoring containers or wagons have powerful internal batteries, are resistant to water and weather, and the additional autonomy makes them ideal for monitoring railway shipments.

The door sensors have the role of signaling and recording the opening and/or closing of access to the loading space. In this way, you have control over all the component units of the fleet.

The CargoTrack GPS Monitoring Rail Transport platform allows the generation of alarms when the doors are opened, or when the interior temperature changes. The solution is optimized for the safety of goods, especially perishable ones.

Compatible modules for GPS Monitoring Rail Transport:

  • CargoTrailer
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Door sensor

Choose a telematics system for GPS monitoring services for rail transport from Cargo Track.

Common problems

Do you want to know all the time the essential information about the transported goods?

Need an activity history?

Do you want to be more credible in front of your collaborators?

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