CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

GPS Monitoring Refrigerated Transport

Monitoring system for refrigerated transport

GPS Monitoring Refrigerated Transport – Transporting perishable goods is an exact science where a set of very strict rules must be followed.

With the CargoTrack GPS Monitoring Refrigerated Transport solution, you are constantly in control of the temperature in the refrigerated containers.

Maintaining the temperature and ensuring the correct functioning of the refrigeration systems is very important for the safe transport of this type of goods.

In addition to temperature monitoring and GPS trailer monitoring independent of the tractor head, Cargo Track gives you the ability to receive alerts when temperature variations occur or when unauthorized door openings are detected.

With PhotoTrack, you can even ‘see’ the load in the trailer through photos sent to the app, whenever you need.

Choose a GPS Monitoring Refrigerated Transport system from Cargo Track.

Common problems

How can you ensure that the goods are transported in accordance with safety regulations and that the protection of the end consumer is ensured?

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