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GPS Video Monitoring

Monitorizare GPS Video

GPS Video Monitoring – see what’s really happening in your trailer

GPS Video Monitoring

Increasing capacity, managing operating and insurance costs are top concerns for motor carriers.

Backlogs of equipment and labor shortages make it difficult to keep up with growing transportation demand. Indices tracking carrier rejections of load offers – an indicator of reduced capacity – are currently four times higher than normal market rates.

Reduced capacity creates high freight rates, but rising diesel prices and insurance premiums cut into carriers’ profit margins.

One way to solve today’s capacity and cost challenges is to use technology that not only provides real-time visibility into trailer condition and location, but also provides a clear view of cargo space and capacity utilization.

With GPS video monitoring, fleets can use information from inside the trailer to increase asset utilization, move higher volumes of cargo, reduce costs and increase driver productivity.

More than just a location on a map

To date, trailer tracking systems have been limited to only reporting loaded/empty status, and some of the technologies recently introduced to provide more visibility inside the trailer are unreliable, do not provide a clear picture of the entire cargo space, and , in many cases, are difficult to install and maintain.

Harta Monitorizare GPS Video

Clear visibility and visualization of cargo space enables carriers to make better operational decisions, increase asset utilization and increase productivity.

Knowing that a trailer only has an empty pallet that most likely looked loaded using previous technology could mean finding a closer trailer, improving driver productivity, reducing time and fuel waste, and improving trailer turning.

The trucking industry has been looking for more efficient technology to achieve more cargo visibility, increase trailer fleet performance, reduce cargo loss/claims, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Having “volumetric” cargo information gives fleet managers real-time visibility into the actual status of empty or loaded trailers to more accurately dispatch drivers and manage pooling operations more efficiently.

Easily track what’s inside the trailer with the GPS Video monitoring system.

Monitorizare GPS Video - GPS Video Monitoring

The camera for GPS video monitoring is installed in the trailer, more precisely in the rear – upper part, providing full visibility of the entire loading space, but also of the transported goods at the same time.

The CargoTrack camera system provides dispatchers or transport managers with one click real-time images of the inside of the trailer to optimize the loading space and prevent some attempts to steal or vandalize the transported goods.

Monitoring technology using VIDEO cameras is used to process each image in a few seconds and provide precise volumetric data (used floor area, way of arranging goods, or size of transported goods).

Monitorizare GPS Video

Trucking companies and fleet managers who opt for trailer cargo monitoring and management immediately benefit from the following:

  • Maximize trailer performance

Trailers generate revenue only when they are loaded with cargo. Using the data obtained in real time through the CargoTrack cameras, you can check the exact status of the cargo at any time.

More precisely, you can more easily identify the trailers that can increase the volume of interior cargo, and thus you can increase the income on each trip.

  • Create accountability

GPS Video Monitoring cameras provide fleet managers and dispatchers with a real-time, time- and location-based record of goods, including high-resolution images of the exact condition of
the goods.

Access to images from inside the trailer provides a clear picture of how it was loaded, allowing carriers to investigate possible improper shipments that have led to cargo degradation.

  • Reduce fuel consumption

Although trailers themselves do not consume fuel, the way they are used and managed can directly contribute to a fleet’s overall fuel consumption.

With accurate cargo status data and clear in-transit images provided by CargoTrack GPS Video Monitoring, dispatchers or fleet managers can immediately identify the most
nearby trailer with space available for new order.

GPS Video Monitoring Benefits:

  • Increasing productivity;
  • Mileage reduction;
  • Trailer loading up to 90%;
  • You find the nearest empty trailer much easier;
  • See if the goods are placed and transported properly;
  • Reducing the costs of claiming goods;
  • You can see how much space is left in the trailer;
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