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Reports mode

The reports mode is designed to make your life easier! Extract the information that helps you optimize your fleet’s activity. The module is flexible, which…

Reports mode
Reports mode

There’s nothing mysterious about it, it’s just the interpretation of ‘stand alone’ data in the wider context of the fleet’s activity as a whole.

Using telematics solutions provides an in-depth understanding of the entire operation, which is why more and more companies are turning to GPS monitoring as a service.

The reports mode is designed to help you extract the information that helps you optimize fleet activity. The module is flexible, which means that depending on your needs, you can configure the reports you want.

You have a range of different reports to choose from so all a fleet’s activities are covered. Here you will find both basic reports and more specialized reports such as those focused on the driver’s driving style or fuel consumption.

You can, for example, download reports for the activity of a vehicle in different countries, report for daily activity, activity over a period of time predefined by you, reports focused on certain actions of the driver (ex: parking), etc.

Choose a report mode from CargoTrack to optimize the activity of the car fleet.

Common problems

Looking for an efficient way to centralize information about your fleet?

Need some custom reports?

The benefits obtain

  • Customized reports according to your needs
  • Interactive, easy-to-read format
  • More than 10 kinds of reports available
  • Report templates
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