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SENT-GEO – Excisable shipments Poland

SENT GEO is a system used in Poland, which aims to eliminate fraud related to VAT, excise…

SENT-GEO – Transporturi accizabile Polonia
SENT GEO – Excisable shipments Poland

The CargoTrack application is integrated with the SENT GEO system and can automatically send the essential data required by the Polish authorities.

What is the SENT GEO system?

SENT-GEO is a system used on Polish territory, which aims to eliminate fraud related to VAT, excise and other forms of taxation.

The system was first introduced in Poland in 2017, updated in 2018 and is still active and in use today.

It applies to companies transporting certain special cargo being required to register their cargo and provide location data to the authorities when traveling to Poland.

The control system is applied to the following categories of goods:

  • Liquid fuels: vehicle fuel, fuel oil, diesel,
  • lubricating oil;
  • Fats, solvents, thinners, octane reducing agents;
  • Toxic waste;
  • Pure ethyl alcohol;
  • Dry tobacco and other goods.

CargoTrack and SENT-GEO

To provide the necessary location data, companies can use the GPS monitoring system or a special application created by the Polish authorities for drivers.

However, using the application for registration is not at all easy and comfortable, because drivers can forget to activate / deactivate the application and also need to have a smartphone or tablet at all times.

To provide support to shipping companies, CargoTrack offers a much more convenient way, namely, sending the location data and necessary documentation automatically to the Polish authorities using the GPS tracking system and equipment.

Obligations of carriers in relation to the SENT GEO system

Carriers carrying out domestic distribution, international distribution (export / import to / from Poland) as well as transiting the Polish territory are obliged to have their vehicles equipped with devices for transmitting GPS data and ensuring that they work uninterrupted throughout the route of transporting goods on the territory of Poland .

The data transfer to the Polish system must be activated as soon as the vehicle crosses the Polish border and must also be deactivated at the final delivery point or when leaving the Polish territory (in case of transit).


In case of non-fulfillment of obligations to provide information on the actual location of the goods listed above, a fine of PLN 10,000 (€2,200) is imposed on the carrier

For non-fulfillment of obligations by the driver or violation of instructions in case of transmitter failure, the fine applied is PLN 5000 and PLN 7500 (€1,100 – €1,660).

SENT GEO legislation

The law applies to the transport of excise goods in Poland (domestic distribution) as well as to international distribution (export / import to / in Poland). Also for all other goods that cross Polish territory during transport.

This applies to carriers transporting more than 500 kilograms or 500 liters of any item of the regulation.

The law that applies to this system is that of March 9, 2017 on road and rail freight monitoring systems (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] item 708, as amended). The link to the full article in the law can be found here:

More information about the SENT system and regulations can be found on the official website of the Polish government –

Probleme des întâlnite

Tranzitezi Polonia?

Te-ai săturat de birocrația și procesul complex care îl cer autoritățile poloneze?

Ți-ar plăcea să fie totul mai simplu și mai ușor?

Beneficiile obținute

  • Scapi de birocrație și tranzitezi ușor și simplu teritoriul polonez
  • Noi întocmim pentru tine dosarul necesar
  • Suport tehnic din partea echipei CargoTrack
  • Toți parametrii importanți necesari pentru înregistrarea vehiculelor prezentați într-un singur loc – aplicația CargoTrack
  • Posibilitatea de a înregistra vehicule pe platforma PUESC prin intermediul aplicației CargoTrack
  • Conexiune constantă cu platforma e-Przewóz
  • Gestionarea completă a procesului de trimitere a localizării GPS către SENT-GEO
  • Control complet asupra înregistrării datelor de localizare pe platforma PUESC
  • Șoferul poate fi concentrat pe drum (nu este nevoie să porniți / dezactivați aplicația oficială SENT-GEO)
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