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Trailer identification sensor

Senzor identificare remorcă - Trailer identification sensor
Truck tracking and trailer identification

In the transport industry, as in many other sectors, time optimization is an important economic issue. Some operations and maneuvers can be partially automated to save operators time. For example, truck tracking and automatic trailer identification will make it possible to inventory the vehicle fleet more easily, identify which trailer is attached to the truck, or check which loading docks the different trailers are at.

To meet this need and allow carriers to gain in efficiency and performance, we recommend the integration of the automatic trailer identification solution – CargoTrack Bluetooth Low Energy.

How does truck tracking and automatic trailer identification actually work?

The identification device is mounted in the truck trailer and will be immediately associated with it.

100% autonomous, the sensor will transmit a unique identification number via Bluetooth to the GPS monitoring equipment on board the vehicle.

The GPS monitoring equipment will then act as a gateway and transmit the geolocation and identification information to the IoT platform via the 3G/4G or even 5G cellular network.

The operator will then be able to view in the CargoTrack app its fleet inventory, track the coupling and uncoupling of its trailers and manage its loading docks, being able to quickly identify bottlenecks that could be causing delays.

Why integrate Bluetooth sensors into your truck tracking solution?

Senzor identificare remorcă - Trailer identification sensor
  • 100% autonomous

Their battery-powered operation offers up to 20 years of autonomy, guaranteeing a competitive total purchase cost.

  • Durability

Rugged and waterproof, these trailer identification sensors are designed for use in extreme conditions. They are waterproof, resistant to shocks and vibrations.

  • Quick and easy installation

Extremely easy to install thanks to various means of fixing (high-performance double-sided adhesive or screw-on bracket), these sensors can be mounted on any type of surface and require no wiring.

  • Compatible with CargoTrack GPS equipment

Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, these sensors are compatible with most CargoTrack GPS monitoring equipment, requiring no additional integration.

Choose a 100% autonomous trailer identification sensor from CargoTrack.

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