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Transport license 2.5 - 3.5 tons

From May 21, 2022, with the legislative amendment brought to the Mobility Package regarding the transport license, it became mandatory for all companies that carry out road transport of goods for a fee with vehicles whose maximum authorized mass is between 2, 5 tons – 3.5 tons.

Cross-border freight and cabotage road transports, in Romania and European countries, carried out with vehicles whose maximum authorized mass exceeds 2.5 tons to 3.5 tons, after May 21, 2022 will circulate illegally without a valid transport license issued by ARR .

Licență transport 2,5 - 3,5 tone - Transport license 2.5 - 3.5 tons

About the transport license

This license applies to both national and international transport throughout the EU countries.

The transport license is granted by the Romanian Road Authority and is valid for 10 years, the certified copy is valid for 1 year. It is required and issued for each vehicle.

To be able to obtain the form you must meet several conditions:

  • Have registered office in Romania;
  • Own at least one vehicle registered in Romania;
  • The company must have a person qualified as a transport manager, with a valid professional certificate, who also meets the “good reputation” requirement;
  • The transport manager has not been sentenced to prison or otherwise sanctioned for committing serious acts, nationally or internationally (this actually means “good standing”);
  • The EU license will only be granted to solvent transport companies, which can prove that they have some equity capital. The calculation base is given by the number of available vehicles, the required capital being as follows:

– €9,000 for the first used vehicle;

– €5,000 for each other vehicle with a maximum authorized mass over 3.5 tons

– €900 for every other vehicle with a maximum authorized mass over 2.5 tonnes and under 3.5 tonnes.

Documents required to obtain a transport license

  • Administrator identity card;
  • Company registration certificate;
  • Document attesting to the existence of a company office, if the address of the office differs from that of the registered office;
  • Transport Manager identity card;
  • Professional attestation certificate of the transport manager;
  • The employment or collaboration contract of the transport manager. It is not necessary if the transport manager has the capacity of administrator or shareholder of the company;
  • The constitutive act of the company – fully scanned;
  • Assessor’s Certificate – no older than 30 days. It can be obtained online;
  • Criminal record of the transport manager;
  • Criminal record of the company. the criminal record services at the level of the County Police Inspectorates, respectively the General Police Directorate of the Municipality, issue criminal record certificates to legal entities;
  • Car stubs;
  • Car registration certificate;
  • The last balance sheet;
  • Authorization to carry out economic activities independently – in the case of authorized natural persons or family associations;
  • Document proving the ownership of the real and stable headquarters where the company keeps its documents provided for in art. 13 letter a) of G.O. no. 27/2011 – Borrowing contract, rental contract, sale-purchase contract of the building where the company has its real and stable headquarters where the company keeps its documents;
  • Proof of recognition of the certificate of professional competence of the transport manager if it was issued by the competent authorities of the member states of the European Union, other than Romania, of the European Economic Area or of the Swiss
  • Confederation.

The situation in which you can NOT get the transport license

If your company does not have a qualified person with a valid professional certificate as a transport manager and who meets the requirement of “good reputation”, you CANNOT obtain a transport license.

What happens if you drive without a transport licence?

Carrying out road transport in Romania, without holding a transport license and a compliant copy, is sanctioned with a fine between 9,000 and 12,000 Ron. European countries set these penalties individually.

Obtaining a transport license can be difficult for you if a correct procedure for drawing up and submitting the documentation is not followed.

In this sense, you can ask for the help of the CargoTrack team, which informs, advises and submits this file for you to the competent authorities.

How about we help you with these documents?

You only have to do 1 thing – send us the necessary documents, and then leave the entire process to the CargoTrack team.

Don’t worry, you will receive FREE consultation every step of the way from our specialists, just to make this process as friendly as possible for you!

Just make sure you send us all the necessary documents as the deadline for issuing them is according to local authorities, 15 days after submission.

Probleme des întâlnite

Simți că ești copleșit cu completarea multitudinilor de cereri pentru obținerea licenței tale de transport? 

Îți dorești să nu mai pierzi timp cu actele?

Nu știi să completezi toate documentele?

Nu ai timp să te documentezi despre noua legislație?

Dorești să scapi de stresul completării și depunerii dosarelor?

Beneficiile obținute

Noi realizăm dosarul pentru ARR

Noi depunem documentele pentru ARR

Te informăm imediat despre toate aspectele legislative privind licența

Îți trimitem imediat Licența de transport

Evitarea amenzilor pentru lipsa licenței de transport

Consultanță din partea unor experți în domeniu

Proces simplificat pentru confortul tău

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