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Vehicle immobilization

Vehicle immobilization – The additional security method that allows the engine of a vehicle to be immobilized directly from the platform once it has been stopped. The vehicle can only be restarted with…

Vehicle immobilization
Vehicle immobilization system

With CargoTrack you can remotely immobilize the vehicle in emergency situations. Surely, as a fleet manager or trucking company owner, vehicle theft is a situation you’d rather not have to think about. Thieves’ methods are getting more and more creative, but luckily, the same can be said about us.

CargoTrack provides you with an additional security method.

In emergency situations, the vehicle can be locked out of the platform, and it can only be restarted with your or the person using the platform’s permission.

This functionality offered by CargoTrack can help you in situations when, for example, you had a disagreement with your driver, or you may have reason to believe that he might be drunk.

Choose a vehicle immobilization system from CargoTrack to remotely immobilize vehicles in emergency situations.

Probleme des întâlnite

Șoferul tău se află la volan și ai motive să crezi că e în stare de ebrietate sau nu e într-o stare adecvată pentru a conduce?
Vrei să previi furtul autovehiculului tău?

Beneficiile obținute

  • Control asupra vehiculului de la distanță
  • Siguranță sporită
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