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Terms and conditions

The website, the Cargo Track platform and the mobile application are the property of Cargo Track Solutions.

The terms of use of the CargoTrack Monitoring platform (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”), as presented in this document, are and will be governed in accordance with Romanian law.

The CargoTrack monitoring service is provided by Cargo Track Solutions, str. Constantin Brailoiu no. 10, Oradea, Bihor. Tel: 0374 430 060 E-mail: office@cargo,, J5/1747/10.10.2012, tax code RO 30769457 and is addressed to legal entities and individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Customers”).

By using or accessing the CargoTrack application or any application (including mobile applications) made available by Cargo Track Solutions, you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Cargo Track Solutions owns the property rights, including intellectual property rights regarding the content of the site (eg: text, images, logo) but also the right to the functionalities made available through the website, mobile application or any other means.

Copyright is protected by specific legislation (there are civil/criminal repercussions), so the reproduction (or any processing operation) of any type of content present in our website requires our written consent.

1. Disclaimer (Limitation of Liability)

We do not offer any guarantee that access to the website, platform or mobile application will be smooth and uninterrupted.

CargoTrack is not responsible for the following:

  • Any direct or indirect damage or loss including, but not limited to unrealized gains, loss of profit and/or non-fruition of business opportunities suffered as a result of the non-functionality of the CargoTrack Monitoring platform.
  • Loss or corruption of data from the content of the website and/or platform, as long as this is not caused by us or is not under our control
2. Using the monitoring platform

The user is solely responsible for how he will use the information generated by the platform and decides the information that the Monitoring platform will show.

Cargo Track Solutions offers vehicle monitoring services based on GPS equipment. The information collected and displayed by the equipment through the platform is as follows:

  • locating vehicles in real time on the map;
  • activity reports (route, kilometers traveled, speed, fuel consumption, stationary/operating period, temperature information)
  • alerts for various events, preset by the Client
  • notifications in the event of the expiration of the validity period of the technical review documents.

The user is solely responsible for the content published on the CargoTrack platform:

  • The publication of pornographic or violent information is prohibited;
  • The publication of obscene information is prohibited;
  • The publication of information that constitutes a violation of the law is prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to publish information that encourages or presents drugs, weapons or cruelty;
  • It is forbidden to publish information that promotes homophobia, racism or is defamatory;
  • It is forbidden to publish corrupt files, which contain viruses or program baskets, with the intention of limiting, interrupting or damaging the software, hardware or any other component of the services/products offered by CargoTrack
4. Costs

Using the CargoTrack monitoring platform is not free. This is done based on the subscription package chosen by the Client, as it appears in the contract signed between the Client and Cargo Track Solutions.

5. Payment

Payment can be made in person, by bank transfer or directly through the CargoTrack platform.

Payment for the services/products offered by the CargoTrack group of companies can also be made directly from the client’s personal account on the platform. Depending on the services/products offered, the payment will be made to one or more companies from the CargoTrack group. When making a payment, you can select only one category of services/products (invoices issued by the same company from the CargoTrack group of companies).

Payment methods, invoicing periods, suspension of subscriptions or termination of contracts are specified in the collaboration contract concluded between CargoTrack and the Client.

6. Account closure/suspension

Cargo Track reserves the right to close and/or suspend the Client’s accounts under the conditions specified in the contract concluded between CargoTrack and the Client.

The customer can request the suspension of services until the end of the calendar month at the latest. The effective suspension of services will take place in the following month from the date specified by him.

7. Technical support

Technical support is available by phone at 0374430060 or email office@cargo between 8am and 10pm from Monday to Friday.

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