CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

GPS Monitoring Passenger Transport

Monitoring system for the transport of people / passengers

In the field of passenger transport, the first and most important aspect is the safety of passengers and drivers. This aspect is directly influenced by the behavior of drivers behind the wheel.

By monitoring the driving style, possible events with serious consequences can be prevented and drivers who show aggressive driving behavior can be penalized.

The role of the module for monitoring the behavior of a driver behind the wheel that CargoTrack offers you has a vital role here, namely the preventive one.

In addition to this huge benefit, the adjacent benefit of controlling fuel consumption and early vehicle wear is also worth considering.

An aggressive driving style has negative effects and takes a toll on a vehicle’s fuel consumption and health.

For passenger transport services, another determining factor of success, and implicitly of profit, is punctuality.

Creating preset routes for each race and monitoring them helps increase productivity by eliminating downtime.

CargoTrack monitoring solutions provide you with the tools you need to optimize or maintain the functionality of your vehicle fleet.

The GPS Monitoring Passenger Transport Platform allows the creation of Geozones or Points of Interest which, when reached, generate notifications to communicate details relevant to your operations, for example, entering/exiting the Geozone, stationary with the engine on or off, etc.

Route deviations are an aspect that often generates additional costs, and that is why CargoTrack comes up with solutions for fleet managers. The module for creating preset routes helps in controlling costs.

How can CargoTrack help you?

– Live data – view live location, car parking monitoring, fuel level, battery level, historical data with routes;

– Alerts and notifications – receive alerts for vehicle maintenance (e.g. low oil), safety (seat belt status, over speeding) and other events;

– Car maintenance – schedule car maintenance based on data received from CAN bus, TPMS and other systems;

– Driver behavior monitoring – track vehicle driving behavior such as fuel consumption and efficiency;

– Lock and unlock – prevent unauthorized vehicle theft by remotely locking the ignition;

– Possibility of monitoring entries/exits from the country;

– Eco-Drive Report;

– Creation of reports;

– Driver activity report;

– Video monitoring.

BENEFITS of GPS Monitoring Passenger Transport:
  • 100% warranty for GPS equipment;
  • FREE installation anywhere in Romania or Europe;
  • 24/24 support team;
  • Dedicated Account Manager for your account.

Choose a GPS Monitoring Passenger Transport system from Cargo Track.

Common problems

Drivers make scheduled stops
Drivers drive aggressively
Theft or excessive fuel consumption
A lot of administrative work

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