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FM-Pro5 - dispozitiv monitorizare gps

About the FM-Pro5 device

FM-Pro5 is an advanced GPS monitoring equipment for all types of vehicles – trucks, buses, agricultural machinery and other specialized machinery, for example: construction or forestry.

FM-Pro5 is designed for vehicle tracking and can perform advanced tasks such as reading on-board computer data (data from CAN), monitoring driver behavior, fuel management, etc.

With the FM-Pro5 GPS monitoring device you can access the following functions:

Real-time location – shows information related to last transmitted vehicle position, location, speed, GPS mileage, address, power supply voltage.

Route – provides information related to the locations transited, kilometers traveled, countries transited, in a certain time interval selected by you.

Speed – displays both real-time and retroactive speed graph over a chosen time range.

History – view the car’s route on a detailed street-level map as well as a high-resolution satellite image retroactively up to 24 months

Route Deviation – shows off-route stops, with stop time and distance displayed for each vehicle.

Hot Spots/Geozone Report – shows the points of interest created by you, the car has passed through and how long it has been parked, alarming when entering/exiting the predefined area.

Top Speed – provides information on the maximum speed and the minimum speed with which the vehicle traveled in a certain period of time, as well as the average travel speed.

Location sharing – the ability to share the location of cars (single or group) in the fleet for a set period to your partners.

API integration – provides the possibility of connection with other ERP systems.

Low supply voltage alert – notification by e-mail and SMS if the supply voltage in the battery drops below the amperage set by you.

Fleet and driver documents management module – management of fleet management data, alerts and notifications in case of license expiration (ITP, RCA, CASCO, ITADR, leasing, scraps, inspections, professional certificates, medical examinations, etc.)

Reports available with this FM-Pro5 GPS monitoring equipment:

Roadmap – generating daily, monthly or end-of-trip reports – shows information related to daily activity, road segments, date and time of departure, date and time of arrival, location of departure, location of arrival, distance, time of operation.

Day/night hours report – generate reports on hours worked during the day as well as during the night, public holidays or weekends.

Activity report by country – enables the generation of working time/km driven/stationary time reports for each country where your car has operated for a time period selected by you – IMI statements

Automatic generation report – gives you the opportunity to define your personalized report with the information important to you (start location/end location/food/consumption -100 km/activity duration/km traveled, etc.)

At the same time, you have the possibility to set the automatic generation of the report at a certain time interval and the transmission to a specified email address (daily/weekly/monthly)

Personalized reports – generating reports on kilometers traveled in personal interest, business, details on parking, driving times, fuel consumption while parking, etc.

Fuel Level Reports – displays graph of fuel level in the tank over time, fueling/improper consumption for a time range selected by you.

Fuel alerts – notification via SMS or e-mail when there is unjustified fuel consumption (Car No./Location/Date/Amount of fuel lost)

Synthesis reports – presents complex information related to engine revolutions, injector consumption, consumption 100/km, instantaneous consumption, fuel level in the tank, cruise control use, coolant temperature, on-board computer km, etc.

Driver behavior analysis – presents information about the driver’s driving style, identifies factors that indicate aggressive styles, sudden braking and acceleration, cornering speed, etc.


With the same GPS monitoring equipment, you can activate the automatic payment of road tolls in the following countries for FREE:

Tolls Hungary (HU-GO)

Road tolls Bulgaria (BgToll)

Tolls Poland (e-Toll)

With each PRO5 GPS monitoring equipment, you benefit from free installation work, anywhere in Romania or Europe.

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