CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

GPS Monitoring Special Equipment

Monitoring system for special machines

GPS Monitoring Special Equipment – Fields of activity that require the use of special machinery, such as forklifts, generally have a strict set of operating rules, which creates a certain complexity and sometimes difficulty in management.

Many times the behavior of the employees responsible for carrying out the tasks also contributes to this degree of complexity.

The driver identification module will help you determine employee productivity and at the same time reduce the incidence of situations where unauthorized persons use the machines.

CargoTrack comes with dedicated GPS Monitoring Special Equipment solutions to help you ensure that safety regulations are met.

Optimization from an operational point of view is helped by the solutions offered by CargoTrack, through which the times spent in the Geo Zones designated for each machine can be monitored by GPS, as well as the times spent with the engine on or off, in order to control fuel costs for special machines.

Choose a GPS Monitoring Special Equipment system from Cargo Track.

Common problems

How can you ensure that your staff follows the rules specific to each individual workspace?

How can you successfully manage situations where you have machines and vehicles used on multiple sites?

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