CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

GPS Tracking Distribution and Courier

Monitoring system for distribution and courier

GPS Tracking Distribution and Courier – To find the balance between the two, CargoTrack provides you with both solutions for managing and optimizing the routing process and options for the safety of transported goods.

By monitoring the driving style of drivers, you get data relevant to reducing fleet maintenance costs and at the same time you can control the cost of fuel.

Security solutions offered by Cargotrack, such as door sensors, driver identification, cargo space temperature monitoring and the possibility of camera surveillance of the cargo space, will help you to increase the quality of the service delivered.

How can CargoTrack help you?

– Live data – view live location, car parking monitoring, fuel level, battery level, historical data with routes;

– Alerts and notifications – receive alerts for vehicle maintenance (e.g. low oil), safety (seat belt status, over speeding) and other events;

– Car maintenance – schedule car maintenance based on data received from CANbus, TPMS and other systems;

– Eco-Drive driver behavior monitoring – track vehicle driving behavior such as fuel consumption and efficiency;

– Identification of drivers;

– Temperature sensor report;

– Sensor close open;

– Immobilization button;

– Consumption monitoring;

– Working time report.

GPS Tracking Distribution and Courier BENEFITS:

  • 100% warranty for GPS equipment;
  • FREE installation anywhere in Romania or Europe;
  • 24/24 support team;
  • Dedicated Account Manager for your account;
  • You have more than 20 reports customized according to your needs.

Choose a GPS Tracking Distribution and Courier system from Cargo Track.

Choose a distribution and courier GPS monitoring system from Cargo Track.

The administrator does not know where the drivers are with the goods

Drivers need a report as they are paid based on km and hours

The shipment does not arrive safely

Delivery is not made in a timely manner

Cost reduction due to competitors

Difficulty in choosing optimal distribution routes

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