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Universal closed-open door sensor

Universal closed-open door sensor

About the open door sensor

A door sensor is designed to provide you with detailed reports so that you can improve the operational efficiency of your fleet and obviously reduce unauthorized use and theft.

How does a open door sensor work?

The sensor registers the opening and closing of the door, actions that are transmitted in real time through the monitoring equipment directly to the CargoTrack platform.

The sensors are attached to the door handles of your semi-trailer or commercial vehicles. So every time a door is opened or closed, the sensor immediately detects and updates the door status of your vehicle.

In addition, you can configure the sensor we offer so that it sends you a notification whenever the door is opened outside the permitted places. For example, you can specify that the door can only be opened at the customer’s delivery points or your warehouse.

Any action of opening the door outside of the places allowed by you, will trigger an alarm and send you a notification immediately. You will receive the notification by e-mail or SMS and thus you can react immediately, at the same time you will be able to see on the map where the door was opened.

Also, for a door sensor to provide reliable and continuous information, we made sure that the device is easy to install and withstands the harshest working environments.

What benefits can a open door sensor bring you?

  • Securing the transported goods;
  • Easy installation and resistance to harsh conditions;
  • Give confidence to your customers and collaborators thanks to security;
  • Save money by avoiding compensation to customers in case of theft;
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