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Monitoring the WORLD in motion

Who we are?

We are a telematics company that provides innovative, complete, integrated and customized solutions for our clients to support them in achieving their business success.

We manage to do this every day, 24/7 with the help of the CargoTrack team.

CargoTrack Careers
CargoTrack Careers

Over time, as a result of analyzing the market and its niches, we have launched additional services such as automated toll payment services and legal and financial advisory services, out of a desire to provide solutions for a wider range of challenges with that our customers face in their daily activities

Our mission

To provide innovative, full, customized telematics solutions using software built to the unique specifications of each CargoTrack customer.

A short presentation

The CargoTrack team is made up of people who want to perform, who are hardworking and motivated to find solutions that work in any situation.

We are keen to build a strong team of people who are passionate about innovation and who constantly want to push the boundaries and surpass themselves.

CargoTrack people are proactive, professional, autonomous, but also excited to work in a team to contribute to the success of the company’s customers.

CargoTrack Careers

The organizational culture is based on the main values we believe in: professionalism, transparency, teamwork, vision, innovation.

We respect the balance between personal and professional life. We celebrate the success of our colleagues, laugh together and support each other. We encourage a healthy lifestyle, reading, sports activities and civic involvement through volunteer activities.

We want and work every day so that CargoTrack is a great place to work, for every member of the team.

“Salary benefits are closely related to each person’s experience, engagement and loyalty. We invest in the well-being of our colleagues and in professional and personal development programs, we offer opportunities for promotion within the company.”

Răzvan Perțicaș

CEO CargoTrack

CargoTrack values

Values ensure the cohesion of our society, they have a direct impact on our daily interaction.








Meet the team

The benefits of CargoTrack​

We want you to feel appreciated and listened to because you are part of our future! We offer you benefits for a peaceful life during the program and in your free time.

CargoTrack Careers

13th salary

Anniversary bonuses


Performance bonuses

Old growth

Extra vacation days

Gift cards

Lunch provided

Lunch provided

Life at CargoTrack

CargoTrack departments




Customer Support

Development and Research

Financial consultancy


Road taxes

Human resources




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Ți-ar place un loc de muncă dinamic în care fiecare zi să îți aducă o nouă provocare? Ești genul de persoană care vrea să se… 

We value a friendship-based environment, transparency and helping each other in becoming our best professional selves, so if you think that these might also be your values, we would like to meet you !

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