CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

Public Services GPS Monitoring

Monitoring system for public services

Public Services GPS Monitoring – For a public service to be effective, it must first of all be well organized.

Whether we are talking about sanitation, snow removal, gas or water distribution or emergency response, efficiency is seen in the ability to fix problems in the shortest possible time.

Cargo Track provides you with efficient real-time fleet monitoring solutions, so that you can optimize the times dedicated to carrying out an operation.

You will be able to monitor the location of the vehicles, the behavior of the drivers and the fuel consumption.

By creating predetermined routes for each task to be performed and monitoring it, dead times are eliminated, thus increasing productivity and speed of reaction.

By creating Geozones or points of interest on the CargoTrack platform for each area where there is work in progress, you will be alerted every time a vehicle enters or leaves the area of interest.

The use of vehicles for personal interest is thus discouraged and the efficiency of the fleet increases.

Cargo Track’s dedicated fuel consumption monitoring solutions provide fleet managers with the information they need to optimize fuel costs.

For vehicles with multiple drivers, CargoTrack offers a wide range of reports focused on the activity of the identified driver on the vehicle, which can provide the fleet manager with the necessary information for better resource management.

Choose a telematics system for public services GPS Monitoring from CargoTrack.

Common problems

How can you be sure that your employees respect the work schedule and predetermined routes?

What measures do you take to monitor driver behavior and fuel consumption?

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