CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

Road tax equipment

The automatic toll payment service solution is an effective alternative to simplify the processes of carriers. Information regarding the different categories of road traveled is recorded in real time by GPS monitoring devices and further distributed to the competent authorities.

Ticketing systems will calculate the costs, and these are paid directly from the user’s account.

With the help of automatic road tax payment services, you can rest easy knowing that you will pay quickly and without complications exactly the amount you owe for the roads outside the border.

Automatic charging Hungary – HU-GO

Get rid of fines and leave the care of paying the road tax in Hungary to us! With the HU-GO service offered by CargoTrack, you automatically pay tolls only…

Automatic toll Bulgaria – BGTOLL

With the solution offered by CargoTrack, paying the road tax in Bulgaria becomes easier! Avoid fines by paying automatically from your account just…

Automatic toll Poland – eTOLL

e-TOLL is the new road toll system that was introduced in Poland in June 2021. It operates under the direct supervision of…

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