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IMI certificate of drivers - IMI platform

IMI certificate of drivers – IMI platform – From 02.02.2022, with the legislative amendment brought to the Mobility Package, regarding the posting of your drivers, it became mandatory to enter the data of drivers, as well as the vehicles they drive, in the European IMI platform.

Detașare șoferi - IMI certificate of drivers
IMI certificate of drivers

What is the IMI certificate of drivers?

The IMI certificate of drivers is a document that certifies that your company’s drivers are paid the minimum wage in the countries where they operate: loading, unloading or cabotage.

The posting declaration must be generated from the European platform, at the latest upon entering the territory of the respective country. The declaration is not required in the country of origin.

The operator established in a member state has the obligation to register the information related to the activity of posting the driver, in the European IMI platform, before the start of his posting.

The posting of drivers directive also has some exceptional situations, in which the need for this document is excluded. Among the exceptional situations, there is, for example, bilateral transport. (Romania —> Italy —>Romania)

From this date, the authorities of European countries should no longer require foreign carriers to register their posted drivers in national systems. However, national websites can still be used by operators from countries outside the European Union.

About the IMI certificate of drivers

Under the new legislation, you must provide your drivers’ certificates for each EU country, including the UK, where you operate, but not for countries you are only transiting, upon request by the control authorities.

A declaration of posting can be drawn up for a minimum period of one day and up to a maximum period of six months, and upon its expiry a new declaration must be created.

The portal emphasizes that, even for carrier operations that last even a single day, there must be a declaration.

If you are wondering what information the new IMI posting declarations contain, you can find this information below:

– declaration number, country of posting, expected start and end dates, type of transport and operations.

– name of the operator, country of registration, VAT code and number from the national register of companies, community license number.

– the transport manager’s name, contact details, details on the certificate of professional competence.

– name and contact details of the contact person; this can also be the transport manager.

– the driver’s name, workplace details, driver’s license and other data on the identification document.

– vehicle registration number.

Detașare șoferi - IMI certificate of drivers
IMI certificate of drivers

How is the control of these IMI certificate of drivers carried out?

Control agents in a given country have the right to request from foreign drivers the statement of posting, printed or in electronic format, sent by the operator on the phone or tablet.

The authenticity and validity of the posting declaration is checked on the spot by scanning the QR code on the declaration (the verification operation is done in real time via IMI).

Agents may decide to subsequently submit a request to the company to verify additional documentation that the driver has received the appropriate remuneration for the period of secondment.

The request for documents is made through IMI, so that the competent authority in the operator’s country (e.g. the Labor Inspectorate, in Romania) can be responsible for requesting the data from the carrier.

The main administrative obligations of companies before, during and after secondment:

Before IMI certificate

Submission of a statement of posting in the portal specially created for this purpose, at the latest at the actual beginning of the posting period.

During IMI certificate

Seconded drivers must have the following documents:

– the posting statement in printed or electronic format;

– evidence of transport operations taking place in the host Member State, such as the e-CMR document;

– tachograph records (especially the country symbols of the Member States in which the driver carried out transport operations).

After IMI certificate

Transmission of documents through the IMI system:

– tachograph records;

– e-CMR documents;

– the documentation regarding the driver’s remuneration in relation to the period of secondment;

– work contract;

– timesheets related to the work performed by the driver;

– proof of the driver’s remuneration payment.

These documents must be sent within a maximum of 8 weeks from the end of the secondment period.

Do administrators need certificates?

The administrator who performs the work of a driver, delimited by an individual work contract in which his quality as a driver is certified, for which he is remunerated and for which he pays his contributions in the country of origin, needs the IMI declaration.

Do you need help with the attestations regarding the new law that provides for the posting of drivers?

Would you feel safer if someone could handle or at least help you with the new legislative changes?

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Probleme des întâlnite

Ai nevoie de ajutor cu realizarea atestatelor privind noua lege ce prevede detașarea șoferilor?

Nu ai experiență cu întocmirea dosarelor și legislația internațională?

Dorești să scapi de stresul completării și depunerii dosarelor și documentației?

Beneficiile obținute

Noi realizăm declarațiile

Noi încărcăm documentele în noua platforma IMI

Noi vă asigurăm acest serviciu la un abonament lunar fără perioadă contractuală

În caz de control, un reprezentant legal te va reprezenta în fața autorităților

Plătești doar atât timp cât șoferul este angajat.

Evitarea amenzilor pentru lipsa documentației

Consultanță din partea unor experți în domeniu

Proces simplificat pentru comfortul tău

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