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Consultancy - Form A1

CargoTrack offers you the specific consultancy required to obtain the A1 form and submit the documentation to CNPP Bucharest both for companies…

Consultancy - Form A1

What is the A1 form?

The form A1 issued by the CNPP is a certificate that certifies that the holder is subject to the social security legislation in Romania for the entire registered period, and is therefore exempt from paying social contributions in other EU/EEA/Switzerland member states, on which territory moves to perform international transport services. Obtaining the A1 form is done through the National Public Pension House.

Obtain form A1

The file for obtaining the A1 form, or A1 forms (if there are several employees), is submitted to the National Public Pension Fund and must contain:

  1. the company registration certificate, issued by the territorial office of the trade register;
  2. the tax attestation certificate, issued by the competent territorial unit of the National Fiscal Administration Agency, from which it appears that the employer in question has no debts to the general consolidated budget, on the date of submission of the request regarding the determination of the applicable legislation;
  3. declaration on the employer’s own responsibility, showing the total number of employees with individual employment contracts at the date of the request to determine the applicable legislation, the number of employees who work in Romania and the number of employees posted/or who load/unload goods in other countries;
  4. the ascertaining certificate regarding the employer’s situation, issued by the territorial office of the trade register for the current month;
  5. current financial statements of the trader from Romania or abroad, verified, approved and published according to the legislation of the state where the trader has his domicile/headquarter;
  6. self-responsible declaration of the employer certifying the turnover achieved by him in Romania and that achieved by him on the territory of other states in the last year, respectively from the date of establishment, as the case may be, or self-responsible declaration of the employer to certify the number of loading and unloading of goods, carried out on the territory of Romania and on the territory of the various member states in which these operations took place, in the last year, respectively since the date of establishment, as the case may be;
  7. statement regarding the work pattern of the drivers for the last 12 months and the estimated situation of the work pattern for the next 12/24 months, as the case may be (the member states in which the drivers usually carry out the activity);

Get the form A1 in 4 easy steps

Only through CargoTrack services can you obtain the A1 form in 4 simple steps as follows:

  • You send us by e-mail all the information we need for the documentation;
  • We prepare the statements for you;
  • We also take care of sending the documentation to CNPP – Bucharest;
  • The form obtained at the end will be automatically sent to you;

The A1 form is requested by each country on whose territory you are moving to perform international transport services!

Don’t worry, you will be advised every step of the way by our specialists, precisely to make this process as friendly as possible for you!

Consultanță Formular A1 Online Transportatori Si Soferi

Form obtaining conditions

To obtain the A1 form you must meet two conditions, namely:

Have at least 5% of the company’s turnover obtained from Romania;
Have no debts to the state;

Salaried and non-salaried workers who perform an activity in any country of the European Union must make the posting certificate (form A1) available to the control agents. In case of failure to present the A1 Form, the fine is 3269 Euros/employee, and the value is doubled if the company does not have the form even at a second check carried out within two years of the notification of the fine.

4 reasons to choose CargoTrack

  1. We make this complex process easier for you to spend time on important things in your business;
  2. Our team has the necessary experience in compiling and managing files for A1 forms;
  3. We can exempt you from fines: in case of not presenting the A1 form, the fine is 3269 euros/employee;
  4. Take the stress out of documentation and issues that may arise along the way.

Probleme des întâlnite

Ai auzit ca ai nevoie de un formular A1, dar nu știi de unde să începi cu actele?

Ai nevoie de ajutorul unor experți în domeniu?

Beneficiile obținute

  • Consultanță specifică a fiecărui caz în parte
  • Întocmirea și depunerea dosarului
  • Experiență în domeniul obținerii formularului A1
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