CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

Medical and Pharmaceutical GPS Monitoring

Telematic system for the medical and pharmaceutical field

Medical and Pharmaceutical GPS Monitoring – If we talk about the transport of medicines, they often need specific transport conditions for them to keep their original state.

For this, CargoTrack offers you a range of solutions both for monitoring transport conditions and for their control.

With CargoTrack solutions you can monitor the trailer, even if it is detached from the tractor head. The temperature inside the cargo space must maintain specific values, and for this, the sensors we installed will send you alerts whenever there are variations in the temperature values.

With PhotoTrack you can set the option to receive photos from inside the upload space, at time intervals selected by you.

Choose a Medical and Pharmaceutical GPS Monitoring system from Cargo Track.

Common problems

Do you transport products from the pharmaceutical industry that need special conditions?

Do you need to ensure that the goods are transported in maximum safety?

Do you want to know the status of the transported goods at every moment?

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