CargoTrack Monitorizare GPS Auto

GPS Monitoring Security and Interventions

Monitoring system for security & intervention machines

GPS Monitoring Security and Interventions – The field of security is one in which the safety of employees and transported goods or reducing the intervention time as much as possible are vital aspects.

At CargoTrack we have developed a complex range of GPS monitoring security modules to support the needs of this industry and offer you the possibility to configure a customized solution.

In the case of the transport of valuables, it is necessary to take additional safety measures. Installing door sensors means you’ll receive alerts every time a door is opened.

The vehicle-mounted panic button allows the driver to signal a serious problem. In case of theft, Cargo Track offers the possibility of locking the car’s engine remotely.

In addition to those mentioned, the PhotoTrack module even allows you to “see” the load in the trailer through photos sent to the application, at time intervals predefined by you.

Choose a GPS Monitoring Security and Interventions system from CargoTrack.

Common problems

What measures do you take to strengthen the safety of your transported goods and drivers?

How do you manage to reduce your intervention time?

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