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Driver identification button

Driver identification button

About the driver identification button

In order to be able to evaluate the performance level of each individual driver, to detect losses or even fuel theft, install the driver identification button and be aware of the smallest details of the behavior of your drivers.

How does the driver identification button work?

The driver identifier is composed of a key and a reader specially created for the identification of drivers.

CargoTrack’s recommendation is that this accessory be used when the vehicle is used by several people or when one person uses several vehicles.

This solution is suitable for situations where a vehicle is used by several people, allowing the fleet manager to see at all times who is using the vehicle and when, and how fuel consumption is affected by each individual driver’s driving style .

Later, the obtained data can be analyzed to determine the efficiency of the drivers, but also to be able to detect the loss or theft of fuel as well as the degree of depreciation of the vehicle.

In addition, the driver identifier allows blocking the car’s engine and warning him through a light or sound signal that he has not authenticated correctly or that he does not have the right to use that vehicle.

What benefits can a driver identification button bring you?

  • With a driver identification button you have the possibility to correlate certain actions with the responsible driver;
  • Evaluation of the performance level of each driver;
  • Prevention of wastage or evasion of fuel;
  • Reducing excessive fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs;
  • Choose a driver identification button from CargoTrack
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