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GPS temperature sensor

GPS temperature sensor
About the GPS temperature sensor

Temperature monitoring during transport is a mandatory and vital condition in many industrial sectors. Companies that provide transportation services with perishable cargo or those that require rigorous temperature or humidity control have a series of strict rules that must be followed.

How does this GPS temperature sensor work?

One or more temperature sensors are installed in the cargo compartments of your vehicles. Each temperature sensor measures temperatures, and the data collected by them is transmitted via the monitoring equipment directly to the CargoTrack platform to be processed.

Temperature sensors are designed to measure temperature in the most varied environments, starting from refrigerated trailers and ending with the driver’s cabin.

Their main goal is for the goods to reach their destination in the best conditions and not endanger the health of the final consumer.

The accuracy of the sensors is ±0.5% and it works from -400C to +1200C.

With the CargoTrack solution you can set notifications and generate reports based on the information received from the temperature sensors, so you can react quickly and save the cargo if the temperature fluctuations exceed the limits.

What benefits can this gps temperature sensor bring you?
  • Avoids damage to goods due to exposure to incorrect temperatures;
  • Receive alerts automatically when temperature fluctuations exceed limits;
  • You comply with applicable temperature control legislation;
  • Avoid cases where you have to replace damaged goods or compensate your customers;
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