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Routes and tasks mode

It identifies, based on the number of loads, vehicle type and race-specific conditions, the most cost-effective route and keeps operating costs low.

Routes and tasks mode
Routes and tasks mode

To keep operating costs as low as possible, CargoTrack comes with the solution offered by the module for routing and loads.

Here you can identify, depending on the number of tasks, the type of vehicle and the specific conditions of the race, the most profitable route.

Tasks to be completed for each route can now be attached to already created routes.

In this way, the driver has all the information in the same place and the fleet manager can, in a simple and fast way, check the progress of each task.

CargoTrack Routes and tasks mode

Common problems

Are you pressed for time?

Need the most profitable route?

Want to make more money from saving on operating costs?

The benefits obtain

  • Routes created based on Google Maps, Google Traffic, Google Street View or Open Street Maps
  • Routes calculated based on several variables: road restrictions, prohibited maneuvers, traffic, sections of road under repair
  • Setting up the most convenient route for each route – based on time or cost
  • Attaching tasks for each route with the possibility of sending them to the driver
  • Progress monitoring for each individual task
  • Sending additional information to the driver
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