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EcoDrive mode – The solution to reduce fuel consumption

With the CargoTrack EcoDrive module you can monitor drivers according to their driving behavior…

EcoDrive mode – The solution to reduce fuel consumption

Three of the most important aspects for a fleet manager to focus on are driver safety, fuel economy and vehicle wear and tear prevention.

This is where the EcoDrive system comes in. Its purpose is to teach drivers an efficient driving style that will reduce fuel consumption, vehicle operating expenses and increase traffic safety at the same time.

EcoDrive is the driving style monitoring solution whose main objectives are the driver’s use of all the possibilities offered by new generations of vehicles to optimize driving style and reduce expenses.

Each driver is given a score based on a combination of factors such as sudden acceleration and braking, idling, speeding, traffic incidents and green driving.

The reports generated by the EcoDrive mode are complex and customizable.

The module will analyze the driving behavior of all registered drivers and award points to reflect their performance.

Depending on your needs or priorities, you can choose to receive reports focused on your points of interest.

Choose an EcoDrive Mode from CargoTrack to reduce fuel consumption.

Common problems

Are you aware that driving style directly influences fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear?

Would you like to encourage your drivers who have a responsible driving style?

The benefits obtained

  • Classification of drivers according to driving behavior
  • Accident prevention
  • Prevention of premature wear of vehicles
  • Saving fuel

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