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Events mode

To constantly supervise the activity of an entire car fleet requires a lot of time and a lot of attention, which many times you may not have. Through events mode…

Events mode for car fleet surveillance

It is important for a car fleet manager to be constantly informed when a certain speed is exceeded, when unauthorized parking occurs, or deviations from the predetermined route.

Most of the vehicles that make up a fleet must follow predetermined routes for operational processes to be efficient. In the event of deviations from these routes, it is important that the fleet manager is notified as soon as possible so that corrective action can be taken.

By creating Geozones or points of interest, a virtual route is created for each vehicle and any deviation will be reported instantly.

CargoTrack equipment permanently records data from monitored vehicles.

When you schedule the Events module to send you automatic notifications, they are sent to you in real time, allowing you to take immediate action to remedy the situation.

Choose an events mode for car fleet surveillance from CargoTrack.

Common problems

Doesn’t time always allow you to closely follow the actions of each individual vehicle?

Do you want to avoid deviations or unpleasant events that may happen?

The benefits obtained

  • Notifications for exceeding a certain speed
  • Engine start/stop notifications
  • Notifications for exceeding geo-zones or designated POI for vehicles
  • Notifications when a certain distance traveled by a vehicle is exceeded
  • A variety of other notifications configurable according to your needs
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