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If you want to know how the goods are arranged, PhotoTrack allows you to check the load in the trailer through the photos sent in the application, or…

CTS Modul Rapoarte - Servicii Monitorizare GPS - PhotoTrack - Instalare Camere Foto Pe Vehicul

The profit of a freight company is related, to a very large extent, to the level of efficiency with which the load is organized in the vehicle trailer.

Optimize profits by installing a camera that can, at any time, provide you with highly accurate information about the available space in the trailer. You can thus make the optimal decisions for your business and increase profits by accepting additional orders on the vehicle’s route.

What exactly does PhotoTrack mean?

The PhotoTrack solution consists of a camera, installed on the vehicle, in the place of your choice. This camera is integrated with the GPS monitoring system installed on the vehicle and is configured to transmit photos to the account holder as often as desired.

This module is compatible with the installation of door sensors, and can then be configured to take a photo every time the cargo bay door is opened. These photos are stored for you to view at any time.

Probleme des întâlnite

Vrei să vezi cum este aranjată marfa în mașină?
Vrei să vezi cine a deschis ușa de la compartimentul de marfă?

Beneficiile obținute

  • Vizibilitate crescută
  • Control asupra activității la compartimentul de marfă
  • Optimizarea activității

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